Core components
DLP optical machine (optical engine)
High-precision DLP optical machine is a product specially designed for various digital graphic projection industrial applications.
UV-LD/LED light source
Multi-band UV LDI/LED light-emitting devices are selected and self-developed Optical fiber coupling technology, light source drive technology, temperature control technology, can Customize light sources of different bands and power according to user needs. The module is widely used in various UV light applications.
High-precision optical lens
Optical lenses are indispensable components in image projection and machine vision systems, which directly affect the quality of imaging, and affect the implementation and effect of algorithms. With micro-nano DMD chips and laser light sources, the lens precision used in the field of semiconductor lithography/packaging is more demanding.
High-precision optical system customization
You need to increase productivity and production to a greater extent without sacrificing accuracy. We combine machinery, control systems and electronic products in optimization design to provide the highest possible capacity for your manufacturing or testing applications. We transform the semiconductor industry by expanding the functions and applications of semiconductor automation equipment. Accelerate your semiconductor manufacturing and detection.