NEW RELEASE | MIKOPTIK GW-grade HJT copper grid battery graphic whole line equipment has been successfully shipped!

PUBLISHED ON 2023-10-21 11:41


MIKOPTIK GW-grade HJT copper grid battery graphic whole line equipment shipped smoothly!

On October 21, 2023, the "mass-produced HJT copper grid battery graphic exposure machine" and graphic whole line supporting equipment independently developed by Yuanzhuo Weina Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. were successfully shipped, delivering a well-known factory in the production of copper grid wire heterojunction battery in China, helping customers to achieve GW-level mass production of efficient copper grid wire heterojunction battery projects.


MIKOPTIK Long-term committed to providing customers with micro-nano advanced laser direct imaging system solutions. The products are widely used in PCB & FPC, FPD, LED, solar photovoltaic, wafer, IC packaging, 3D additive manufacturing and high-precision screen printing and other industries. The company has launched a series of precision micro-nano lithography equipment and supporting equipment. The device has been widely praised by customers, and the product technical indicators and market applications are leading in the industry!

In the field of solar photovoltaic, the company has continued to invest in research and development for many years. For HJT battery copper grid line graphics, XBC battery back electrode and other processes, it has launched cost-effective system solutions that match test lines, pilot lines and mass production lines, which have been recognized by many head battery chip manufacturers and established long-term cooperative relations.46a6f4a31587e7958307b7f948c81b68_16978949495789457.png

The mass-produced HJT copper grid battery graphic exposure machine and supporting whole line equipment delivered this time are specially designed for the characteristics of "high output, high quality, high crop movement rate, low operation and control cost" for photovoltaic cell production. It compares and verifies a variety of graphical technical routes, selects the best solutions and carefully builds, with comprehensive performance advantages:

Single machine production capacity of 7200 pieces/H

Line width analysis 15um/15um, analysis accuracy ±10%

Compatible with 210mm and 182mm battery cell production

High-precision optical system, high light efficiency, stable and reliable

High-precision platform and motion control technology to achieve high-precision and reliable graphics requirements

A variety of online monitoring/testing equipment to ensure product yield

Humanized working space design, convenient operation and maintenance

Competitive initial investment and operating costs of equipment

Vigorously developing solar photovoltaic energy is one of the important ways to fully implement the national "3060" strategic goal. To this end, Yuan Zhuo Weina will continue to launch graphic laser equipment and process equipment used in photovoltaic TOPCon, HJT, XBC, perovskite and other battery processes to help the industry reduce costs and increase efficiency, technology iteration, and work with customers to promote the large-scale industrial application of advanced battery technology, so as to promote low-carbon transformation and green development!

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