Statement on MIKOPTIK obtaining the exclusive license of relevant patents of Disco in Japan

PUBLISHED ON 2019-12-04 12:22


Suzhou MIKOPTIK was founded by a number of senior technicians working in internationally renowned semiconductor equipment enterprises. It is a high-tech company focusing on the application of LED, laser light source technology and digital optical processing (DLP) technology to PCB & FPC, FPD, LED, solar energy, wafer, IC packaging and high-precision screen printing.

Since its establishment, Suzhou Yuanzhuo has always attached importance to the development and protection of intellectual property rights, respected the intellectual property rights and interests of enterprises in the industry in advance, and strengthened the protection of their own intellectual property rights. At the beginning of its establishment, our company took the initiative to obtain 22 basic patents for laser direct imaging technology from Disco, a leading company in the industry, to use worldwide. Up to now, Suzhou Yuanzhuo has also independently applied for 64 patents.

With the continuous growth of the market share of the company's products, for the company's more stable and stronger development, our company and Disco recently reached another agreement: Disco authorizes many of the above-mentioned industry basic patents to our company in the form of exclusive implementation licenses in China, and allows our company to monitor the phase in China. The basic patent infringement can be prosecuted in the name of the company. The two parties have signed a formal written contract and submitted it to the State Intellectual Property Office for the record. Many of the above patents involve the key technology of tilt scanning using DMD to achieve laser direct imaging in the field of LDI, which is a basic technology in this field and is difficult to avoid, covering almost all relevant products in the LDI industry in the past decade (specifically covering most LDI, DI and lasers sold on the market. Network making machine and other products).

As the country's attention to scientific and technological innovation continues to increase, various industries are paying more and more attention to intellectual property rights. Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. Opinions pointed out that by 2025, the social satisfaction of intellectual property protection will reach and maintain a high level, the protection capacity will be effectively improved, the protection system will be more perfect, the business environment that respects the value of knowledge will be more optimized, and the basic guarantee role of intellectual property system to encourage innovation will be more effectively played. At the same time, it puts forward higher requirements for the crackdown on infringement and counterfeiting and the enforcement measures of cases. In fact, in recent years, all walks of life have fully felt that this strength has increased year by year. For example, when the IPO Review Committee reviewed the initial public offering applications of enterprises, it directly denied many enterprises due to intellectual property issues. Since its establishment, Yuanzhuo has been investing heavily in research and development, with an annual investment of more than 15% of sales. At the same time, it continues to increase intellectual property rights and seek a long-term future. This cooperation will greatly enhance Yuanzhuo's intellectual property layout in this field, and also convey Yuanzhuo's integrity and attention to its intellectual property to its customers.

From the global lifetime use right of many basic patents of Disco in Japan to the exclusive license in China, this is a milestone in the development process of our company and the only way for the globalization and diversified development of our products in intellectual property rights. Under the circumstances of the country's increasing the protection of intellectual property rights year by year, our company actively responds to the national call. While respecting the intellectual property rights of competitors, we are also constantly strengthening our efforts to continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through independent research and development, combining its own patented technology with basic patent technology in the industry. Core productivity, to provide customers with more satisfactory products.

The relevant exclusive license patent mainly involves the key technology of using DMD as a basic component to complete the digital lithography process of the entire graphic transfer. However, there is basically no law for equipment that uses DMD for scanning and exposure. The rights of the relevant patent mainly have the following three characteristics:

1. DMD is used to reflect multiple digital graphic pixels to focus on the target body, forming a pattern composed of multiple exposure spots on the target body.

2. In the first or second direction: the width of the pixels formed by the target body is greater than the corresponding moving distance of the target body, and the first direction is relatively perpendicular to the second direction; the graphic formed by the second pixel exposed in the first or second direction covers the graphics formed by the first pixel, but not all Coverage.

3. The placement of DMD in the exposure device forms a certain angle with the placement orientation of the target subject. Through this method, the inclined scanning of the optical path is achieved to achieve a flatter edge of the exposure graphic; any edge of the light spot on the target subject and any edge of the target subject will form a certain angle.


Intellectual property rights should be aimed at promoting the development of science and technology. Yuanzhuo Company is willing to cooperate with enterprises in the industry to promote the rapid development of the industry and provide customers with better products and services. Based on this, our company is willing to open up and welcome enterprises or professionals to contact us to discuss intellectual property authorization and related cooperation matters.

(The following is a screenshot of the patent part and a screenshot of the agreement):



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